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What we do

We think doing Sales & Marketing right requires expert organization, creative ideas, and a little razzle-dazzle. Our campaigns, training and strateges always include innovation, human touch and a lot of fun! 

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Think INSIDE the Box

Always challenging the status quo, we love to defy the idea of thinking outside the box.  ‘The Box’ is one of our favourite campaigns to create at fabu.  Don’t you still get excited about receiving a package, aka box, and wondering what's INSIDE?   Imagine how your clients or prospects would feel about receiving a box from you?


Client Marketing

Now more than ever, the time is right to market to your existing clients.  They need to feel connected, they need to know they matter and they want to stay with businesses they can trust.  We want to help you focus on how to retain your existing clients and help them expand their share of wallet with you. 


Event Generation

Event Gen is the new Lead Gen, or at least that is what we say at fabu.  In the world of so much digital, people crave human touch and what better way to get to know your clients and prospects that hosting intimate meetings and events that allow you and your prospects/clients to actual talk and build rapport.


Everyday Marketing

We specialize, but certainly can generalize.  If you need some help going to market, some help with your marketing team, an overall brand strategy or just need to know where to even begin, we would love to help.  We think differently, but love to kick it old school when it comes to learning the basics and 'evolutionizing' them for today's world.


Creative Campaigns

From every detail of engaging your prospects and clients, fabu has you and your business covered. We create targeted campaigns that are personalized, innovative and always include an element fun! We use technology to enable humanity and deploy campaigns that deliver results and opportunities for your business..  



We want to get in front of your Sales and Marketing team, at the same time. We believe Marketing is a function of Sales and when they work together, that's when the magic happens. We are marketers at heart and know we can teach these two functions to play together to yield the best results! 

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